Dear CEOs of Twitter, Twitpic and all the interested in social media,

       Let me tell who am I, in 2007 when all the media was the simple and powerfull television and newspapers, the internat was only a hobbie for everyone, I talk about Mexico, my country, the same that is under a hard domination of the mass media, particulary, the tv, not only for the most powerfull enterprise in spanish of the world, Televisa, but TV Azteca with they made a duopolio so, here comes the sun, there were no competence in the sector and the results is a high depence of information transmitted only in those medias.

       So if you wanted to know about something and you were not an investigator or journalist but a person with many doubts there were no choise, nevertheless a tiny option at the end of the tunnel, the internet.

       At the end of 2007 with other school pathners I created a journal on line, degree in Communications and we were only at the beggining of the bachelor, but I had experience in journals and other ones in reading, web desing, books, sports, so there you go, the land was in front of us.
In that moment, Facebook or Twitter were not options like today, Julian Assange was not in our minds and MSN Messenger was the rule when you did not do the, homework, or your final project.

       With only three numbers we changed, and we means, all around, maybe for the elemental, we spended more paper with the publicity of the journal on line that with it, and the kind of relations with the team, and this is exactly the point of this message that i write to you, electronic mail or instant messages.

       But it was the history of that university journal, now, Twitpic will close because a legal problem with Twitter, the main enterprise where the images are sent for a problem that is not important for the users and the same users will have the problem of the lack of that system even if they make the users exports the files.

       Come on guys, you know what does it means, let me tell you one case, the mine, a new one, this year, 2014, I decided to continue my works on internet based in Twitter and Facebook, but i also use Tumblr and my blog WordPress, for me the best ones, I make phrases from Mahatma Gandhi and I draw him in Paint from Windows with the Touchpad but I also know how to do it with a mouse, wireless or not.

       It is not all, in orther to make a good presentation of each phrase i use an URL shortener because I link a web page thah talks about Gandhi,s Life, and then is when Twitpic goes with the image, so the final result if i do it in Twitter is tweet with a draw of Gandhi, a link, the date, because everyday I publish one and the phrase that I created from his biography, so it si not only an image or a tweet is something new.

       The main is on Facebook were with my contacts and based of the quality of social media, every birthday I tag my friends on the phrase in order not to say only, happy birthday but yes a gift that they can use in any tie of their life, for example Gandhi,s life, because, no one wants the war, or everyone wants to be free, that,s it.

       The situation here is that in Twitter the link used from Twitpic is going to be unable forever and the tweet will be a phrase without phrase, because i do not write it in message but is inside the drawing, then, is an image.

       If Twitpic shutdown all the images will be destinated same, but there is not the main problem, I used the tweets in manypost of WordPress, so it is gonna be a chaos, because the utility that Twitter gives you is great, insert.

       I,ve got the files but as you can see that is not the situation and here is when I talk about the topic with I started this message, the kind of communication is other and a services is going to change only from a message, and you know something, beyond the law facts, economically is not a good desition, Facebook bought Instagram, then Instagram is now part from that social media, if Twitpic disappears and Twitter get his, whatever Twitter wants with that, the only benefit here is going to be in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, and we know that Facebook and Twitter are the only two rivals in social media, so Twitter is going to hit himself only for a not clear situation, and we have not talk about the users.

        Again, if we look at the begging of this message, the alternative now, the internet have changed by itself the world, for example the Arab Spring or the live concerts, or the same Twitter and Facebook, if this desicition finish like Twitpic have announced it, there will be other beneficiarys, the same ones that in other time you defited in orer to an open and public world, so the mass media will see it like a victory, particulaary the televition.

       I don,t say that Zuckerberg is bad, in fact, he is a good guy, and is not his problem what happends with Twitter but is a benefit that he is going to get; so if you really care not only reputation of Twitter but the users and this opened world you will be able to make a agreement, I think people know what is twitter and users perfectly get the idea that there is tools to send message, for example, images.

       In my case, is gonna be a mest, and the last thing i would like to say is that recently I lived the same with de URL shortener because they just quit, I did not choose Google or Bitly because i wanted to have a mexican URL shortener, so the problem was that, they were not Bit, Ow or the bi Google, they were just a tools created by a man in Sonora, Mexico, with only 2 million a urls shortened, and the they did quit my tweets were unuseful nd many others not only the images that i talked about and it was terrible because maybe you can read the phrase or see the draw but not open the link.

        Please, think about it if I were and investor in Twitter i would not a supports that desition and if I were the Twitter CEO, i would think in users, in this case, thanks you very much; today, I don,t say that media are, the bads, and that is because they have changed, of course, influenced for the internet and the world wide web is a main part, don,t forget it.

User, Eduardo Ferrusca

Apatlaco, Mexico City, september 5, 2014; you can find me on Google maps. 

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